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Whether it’s information concerning the documentary business or detailed insights into commodity risks – with our newsletters you’ll always be up-to-date.

The biannual newsletter top@doc


The biannual newsletter top@doc supplies you with useful information and recommendations to settle documentary foreign business.

Important information about the contents of top@doc: Commerzbank cannot assume any liability for the accuracy or precision of the contents. The analyses are for information purposes only.

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Commodities radar

Every three months our newsletter will inform you about the volatilities of the most important commodities. You will also get sound details in every edition about a commodity that is currently in the news.

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Africa Research Bulletins

Commerzbank’s Africa experts in Abidjan and Frankfurt offer up-to-date analyses of the economic situation on the continent, supplemented with a detailed examination of selected countries. In addition to the Africa studies appearing about every two years, we also publish the Africa Research Bulletin. The quarterly bulletin covers the latest political and economic developments in the region, with a special focus on two selected countries.

Corporate Finance News

The Corporate Finance News informs you about closed corporate finance transactions (e.g. M&A or ECM deal news) advised / executed by Commerzbank.

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