Commerzbank's presence in Japan

We are your partner for corporate banking in Japan. Benefit from our long-standing experience and globally uniform service model.

Commerzbank opened its doors in 1961, being the first German bank to open a representative office in Japan. In 1977, the representative office was transformed into a branch. Decades of experience have allowed Commerzbank to gain a true insight into the Japanese market, with all its particularities and rules. This in-depth knowledge, combined with our financial expertise, allows us to provide extensive services to both European companies with presence in Japan and Japanese companies with activities in Europe. We are your strategic partner for international business.

  • German-speaking relationship managers at our German Desks as well as multilingual local relationship managers based in Tokyo (comprehensive support during market entry through local networking: Chambers of commerce and industry, auditors, attorneys, consulting firms).
  • Client focused relationship model resulting in close cooperation between the Commerzbank branches in Japan, Europe and worldwide.
  • Your relationship manager coordinates your international Client Service Team that has a deep understanding of your specific requirements.

Our Corporate Banking services in Japan

The range of services includes a broad range of corporate banking products:

Corporate Finance

  • Working Capital and Investment Financing
  • Syndicated Loans

Cash Management

Investment Business

  • Sight and Time Deposits
  • Structured Deposits
  • Currency and Money Market Trading

Foreign Business

Risk Management

  • Interest rate and FX Derivatives


It has recently come to our attention that solicitation for a suspicious FX product has been undertaken with a fraudulent claim that its collateral is managed by Commerzbank.

We have recognized that an offshore FX broker that is not registered within Japan has sent suspicious e-mails of solicitation to investors in Japan who, the broker says, were introduced to them by a global investment advisory organization. In these mails the broker fraudulently claims that Commerzbank manages 100% of their collateral.

Commerzbank, however, does not have any relation to such a broker nor does the Bank manage the respective collateral. We would, therefore, like to ask our customers to be aware of such fraudulent e-mails. Please also contact the police if you suffer losses as a result of receiving such e-mails.

Warning on Phishing Scams and Hoax E-mails

Recently there have been a number of reports about phishing scams and hoax e-mails fraudulently using existing banks’ or other financial institutions’ names.

If you happen to receive such suspicious e-mails, please take the below measures and protect your own personal information including your ID, password, etc.

Hoax E-mails that would Cause Computer Virus Infection

These emails use your bank’s logo and copyright to notify customers about credit cards, etc. and contain links to your bank’s website. By clicking on the link, the customer is taken to a forged website and the computer’s computer will possibly become infected by a computer virus.

At this stage, Commerzbank AG Tokyo Branch has not received any report of our customers falling victim to this hoax. If you, however, receive a suspicious e-mail, please follow the below instructions and delete the suspicious e-mail.

  • Do not open any suspicious e-mail.

If you open the mail,

  • do not click the URL or do not open any attachment in the suspicious e-mail; and
  • do not reply to the suspicious e-mail or click a “return” button.

If you mistakenly accessed to such suspicious website, Commerzbank AG Tokyo Branch strongly recommends that you check if your computer has been infected by a computer virus using the most updated antivirus software.

Identity Theft and Phishing

Phishing is an electronic scam that attempts to obtain confidential personal or financial information from its target. It takes the form of a fake (e-mail) message, which appears to be from your bank or other financial institution. The message usually includes the company name, logo and a link to a website that instructs you to update your account information sometimes by providing your bank account number, birth date, etc. with a dire warning if action is not taken. Then, your personal information can be used for fraud.

The Commerzbank AG Tokyo Branch does not ask our customers to confirm your account number, password, or any other personal information via e-mail. If you receive such fraudulent e-mail, please do not respond to the mail and disclose your personal information.

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